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По умолчанию In the first round of the SB Nation Mut 20 coins

After the Browns released embattled quarterback Johnny Manziel at the beginning of the new league year, it was assumed Cleveland would use the second overall pick to Madden 20 coins address its need at the position. Cleveland subsequently signed Robert Griffin III, the second selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, butAdam Schefter reported the team's plans at No. 2 had not changed.

At some point, though, their plans clearly did change.According to Schefter, the Browns were actually never planning to draft a quarterback with the pick. If the Browns are still looking for a quarterback Hue Jackson can develop behind Griffin, there are other players available later in the draft who fit that bill, like Michigan State's Connor Cook or Penn State's Christian Hackenberg. 2016 NFL mock draft: Cincinnati Bengals pick up DT Kenny Clark -

In the first round of the SB Nation cheap Mut 20 coins writers mock draft, the Bengals were able to sit back, watch some wide receivers get drafted and still get the best one in Laquon Treadwell. Landing a receiver like Treadwell lets the Bengals to go defense and rely on the strength of this year's draft. That's what Jason Marcum of Cincy Jungle did with the No. 55 overall pick in our mock draft.55.

Bengals: Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA More from our team site Cincinnati BengalsFollow More from our team site Cincinnati Bengals blog Cincy JungleMarcum: While wide receiver is viewed as the Bengals’ biggest need, another position that needs to be addressed early is defensive tackle. UCLA's Kenny Clark is one of the best in this draft, and he’d be a big steal at this point.
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