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По умолчанию Ht 100 head issue with sound


I have a blackstar ht100 head and I developed a problem tonight that has me puzzled. Sent up as normal and started to play. 2 songs in and the amp sounds like its got a bad cable as the sound was in and out. Stopped playing and swapped cables. Still same issue. Tried shouting but still no luck !! So I unplugged everything and had a single cable from guitar to amp. All OK on clean channel but on od1 and od2 sound was very quiet. So swapped out v2 for a new tube but same result. Swapped v1 and v3 also and same result ??? Is this power tube related as I can crank up clean channel and no issues but on od1 and 2 I have a very quiet sound Any suggestions ??

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Telematics System Video

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HT 100 device is controlling the guitar for the major sounds problems but now if that have also the errors then sound will bold. Any event of the HT 100 will be best so why only the assignment writing services events are problems to taking on the sounds.
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Шо, опять?
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Ничего, немного пусть попишут ерести, потом снова в бан их
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Ничего, немного пусть попишут ерести, потом снова в бан их
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