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По умолчанию Blackstar Amps?

Hi all

I would highly recommend Blackstar amps.I invested in the series one 200 head about 8 months ago and have never looked back.It an incredilbly versatile amp and full of some fantastic tones to cover alot of different styles of music.

I havent tried out the other models to be honest but i only hear good things from people that use them.
It depens what type of music you play which would determine the model you should get.check out the series one 45 watt if you can.

Jamie humphries would give you abetter recommendation as hes endorses their products and has demoed most of them i think.
Let us know how you get on and what you decide.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Thank you.
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По умолчанию

Having the same issue almost a month. It would be great if someone knows how to solve this. happy wheels demo.
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